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I have diabetes or am under the care of the Trafford diabetes Team. In this section, you will meet the team, find useful information, learn about various clinics we do. ( Face to face clinics, Telephone clinics, Evening clinics etc) There will be some general information about diabetes management  However this page will only provide information of a general nature and You agree to follow information provided by your healthcare professional at a one to one consultation.
Helping each other
I have been referred to the diabetes team for improving diabetes control in preparation for surgery. This section will provide informtion on how we can acheive control as soon as possible to proceed with surgery.  You will get an appointment in the GIT Clinic–  Glucose Intensification Clinic   ( Orthopaedics Surgery/General Surgery)

Supportive care

Diabetes, weight management and other chronic diseases can feel like a big burden on your day to day life. Weight especially can be challenging. Many members of the diabetes team have diabetes and we have met others in our clinics who have told us stories of how they manage diabetes, weight and live a normal life. Life is hard enough with our diabetes – But is it. – does it have to be? Let us walk the journey with you. We promise to lean a supportive hand or a listening ear….

Guilt free eating


After your consultation