Weight loss 

Been there Done that

This is often the line that greets me when we approach weight loss.

Why does it look as though weight loss is easy for some and not so easy for others?
Why is it that despite my best efforts I lose a few pounds and then gain it back?
I don’t sit and eat like those secret eaters on TV
I walk 10000 steps per day yet weight loss is so hard
Are these familiar words? Why is it that some people find it very hard?

I will take you on a step by step approach to weight loss. There are many areas that we need to cover, it will take time persistence and energy to get to your goal.

If you are willing to walk then I will walk with you on a journey. We will discover may things about you. You may not like all you see, but you will learn to accept things you cannot change and change the things you can. And perhaps you can lose some weight on the way.


  1. Do you think there is a medical issue? – If so you must see your doctor and get his or her opinion on what you feel. You may not always get the answer you want. There is no harm in a second opinion. The main issues I am asked as an endocrinologist are
Do I have a thyroid problem?
Do I have a problem converting T4 to T3?
Can I just Try T3 to see if it makes me feel better?
Do I have Cushings Disease?
Do I have PCOS?
Do I have a genetic problem?

These are questions that deserve answers. and you should seek answers. You can arrange a private consultation if you wish to discuss this further


Weight loss is very frustrating and difficult goal. Many endocrine conditions including diabetes is associated with weight changes. It is your doctors role to discuss your symptoms and investigate causes behind any sudden weight gain remember that they may not all be due to hormones

  • Persistence … We often give up too quickly.. Expecting to see a weight loss of 2 lbs (1 Kg) per week is very satisfying but very difficult to achieve. Hence, we must have the ability to look beyond the weeks when the scales give you disappointing results.
  • Understanding your body. – Your body has been designed for survival. Hence many factors make you eat. Very few factors make you stop eating. What are your triggers?
    • Boredom – wandering into the kitchen makes biscuits look like the thing you need
    • Stress. – When we eat under stress, we tend to store
    • Lack of sleep- Sleep de-stresses your body and resets your hormones. Anything less than 8 hours will make you gain weight. Don’t fool yourself thinking that you are fine with 6 hours of sleep
  1. Exotic diets work – for a time – Any diet (Atkins, south beach diet, 5 – 2  diet) that you follow will cause initial weight loss. However, your body becomes more efficient with time. so if you were burning 80- calorie per mile at the start, in 2 weeks your body will need only 60 calories for the same exercise. so weight loss plateaus.
  2. Weight loss must not be your only goal.
    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…so improving the health of your blood vessels, increasing your bone and muscle strength are all part of your goal. If your weight hasn’t dropped one week, your muscles would have grown that week
    • Your aim is to live a long and healthy life and while looking slim is desirable, there is not much point if you die young and slim.
    • Balance your work life priorities. Is health your priority at present? If it is not, don’t beat yourself up.. Now may not be the best time to embark on a long and difficult journey.
  3. Don’t make excuses, accept failure and move on
    • Sometimes failure is difficult to accept.. So we make excuses. Weather was not good, I was busy at work
    • Examine why the last two weeks have been difficult and see how you can make changes
  4. If you need stimulants (coffee, tea, cigarettes) reexamine your priorities
    • Stimulants while providing you short term energy and alertness make us misinterpret signals. When caffeine withdrawal occurs, you may feel that you need some sugary foods to give you energy
    • Smoking may help with weight loss, but do you want to take on the health risks?


I often advise a low carbohydrate diet if you are hoping to acheive weight loss. Carbohydrates should be consumed in proportion to your exercise.

Earn your Carbohydrates

Little or No exercise ( less than 1 hour per day/ 8000 steps)   – 80 grams carbohydrates

For every additional 2500 steps                                                     – additional 20 grams allowed (1 slice bread) 

Those with diabetes will need to discuss your carbohydrate restriction with your healthcare professional to tailor your medications to optimize your goals.

Very Low calorie diets

These are foods that you purchase yourselves and then work with your healthcare professional to achieve weight loss. On average it will cost £45 – 60 per week. However this is a meal replacement program. Think of this as an investment in your health