Are you feeling unwell? It is important to remember the following things

  • Most people who get the COVID 19 make a full recovery
  • We have a robust clever immune system that will learn and fight this and other viruses
  • Panic and anxiety increase stress hormones and make it difficult to fight the illness
  • Stop reading news for the next two weeks as there will be an increase in cases.
  • Remember that you are unique and your immune system is unique

There are other viruses and bacteria around.  So you might well require treatment as you would normally have ( Antibiotics, steroids etc). You may need to ring your GP for a telephone consultation. Remember this especially if you are bringing phlegm or are finding swallow difficult

Take paracetamol and keep yourself warm
Your throat can dry up even in best of circumstances, so ensure your throat is moist. 
Ensure your diabetes is well controlled. Take your medications regularly and ring the diabetes centre if you require for advice.
You dont need hospital if you have fever or a dry cough


  • If you are finding that you are breathless, or are finding it difficult to manage

Standard Advice

Check your Symptoms NHS 111