SGLT 2 Inhibitors

These are medications which get rid of glucose in the urine. You may pass more water as a result, and that can make you dehydrated ( Dry). In the UK these can be DAPAGLIGFLOZIN, EMPAGLIFLOZIN AND CANAGLIFLOZIN.

Continue your medications as advised
Ensure that you drink plenty of water/ fluids
Check you r blood sugarsĀ  3 – 4 times a day

If you become breathless or nauseous or start vomiting, then you need to stop these medications TEMPORARILY. Please contact us for advice


These medications improve insulin resistance and thereby can help your body use insulin more efficiently

Meformin does not damage the kidney
Metformin may need to be stopped if your kidney function deteriorates

If you become dehydrated or very unwell, these medications can be stopped temporarily

GLP1 Analogues

Liraglutide, Dulaglutide, Semaglutide,

These are injections and help with weight loss and improving diabetes control. They can be once weekly or once daily.

If you have persistentĀ sickness and or severe abdominal pain they may need to be stopped, please contact us.