Terms of Service

A summary of our terms and conditions

  1. We are an independent organisation not affiliated to any other organisation or company. We are a not for profit company set up by its founder to help both NHS trusts and doctors wishing to do postgraduate examination.
  2. Most of the content, registration and advice is free. Any service that is chargeable is clearly marked.
  3. All Expenses for the candidate are met by the candidate, including examination, registration, checks, other statutory requirements before postgraduate training. Courses and teaching material is free.
  4. We do not make a profit, but have expenses which include but are not limited to running and maintaining the website, advertising, retaining our staff, legal and accounting costs and travelling
  5. The company takes no responsibility for the quality or performance of the candidate. We only introduce the candidate.The employing trust has to organize an independent interview to verify credentials, and level of the candidate. Furthermore, the candidate has to go though GMC registration, IELTS and any other statutory regulatory exams or checks before starting post graduate training. It is the responsibility of the trust/ hospital to ensure that the candidate progresses satisfactorily by providing opportunities for study, examinations and courses as well as time to maintain their portfolio.
  6. The candidate has to bear expenses to get through regulatory examinations, and checks which are ,but not limited to , IELTS, GMC registration PLAB/ MRCP examination, DBS checks. Failure at any level may mean that the candidate cannot be employed in the UK (e.g. lack of satisfactory clearance from local police, absence of good standing certificate from all countries where the candidate has worked.) The agency takes no responsibility for candidate expenses and the candidate cannot claim any of the expenses incurred by the candidate.
  7. The decision to do postgraduate examinations or training is the responsibility of the candidate and we only provide impartial advice. Actions and decisions are the candidate’s responsibility. There is no guarantee of job or employment provided.
  8. This website relies on information from other independent organisations and the advice from that independent organisation may change at any time. The candidate has to ensure accuracy of the data by visiting the relevant external website. (e.g. GMC, PLAB)
  9. There may be occasional events that can occur which are not within our control. We cannot be held responsible if the event was not entirely controlled by us (e.g. postponement of interview.). The candidate must make plans only after he/she has received written confirmation of the same. The candidate cannot claim compensation in any eventuality.
  10. While we make intense efforts to verify accuracy of facts and medical information  presented on the course, lectures, multiple questions, the candidate must resort to medical textbooks or peer reviewed journals when making medical decisions or prescribing treatments. We cannot be responsible for clinical or treatment decisions made by anyone.
  11. In Using the website, you will not attempt to duplicate any of the material on this website. Please do not use any method to send the information to unregistered candidates. you can of course make written notes for personal study. Sending the questions to others denies them the true examination experience. We have attempted to keep charges to a minimum and will try to keep it that way.
  12. If any of the points require explanation or for  full set of our terms and conditions, please email pab2u@outlook.com