Just finished your consultation?

  1. Blood tests – You will need to book in for your blood tests if your doctor has requested them.
    1. Check “useful Numbers” tab and check phlebotomy number
    2. Book a convenient date and time. Does it need to be fasting?
    3. Paper forms will not be sent, but it would be useful to confirm that there is an electronic form
    4.  Please arrive on time in order for social distancing.
    5. A mask will be required
  2. Blood results.
    1. Please call about 3 days after your blood results
    2. You will find the number on the Useful Numbers tab
    3. Remember diabetes and endocrine have separate numbers
  3. Letters
    1. You will get a letter in the post. This will detail what was discussed on the phone.
    2. If you don’t get a letter in 14 days please call
    3. If anything is not clear in the lettter please ring
  4. Scans/ Xrays
    1. These will be booked in and you will get an appointment in the post
    2. Please remember scans may take weeks to report