Waking up with energy every morning is something you might have taken for granted till that awful cold you had late last year.  Waking up at 6 AM, packing lunches, taking children to school, going to work, getting back to tea and still having enough energy for sex was done without a second thought. Looking at life as a challenge rather than a chore filled day. What ever happened?

I feel dead tired and fall asleep on the sofa, I come up to bed and I am wide awake.

I wake up and then just cant get back to sleep

I sleep but wake up feeling as though I have not slept

Fatigue is a sign that your body is overwhelmed by a process that your body is going through. This may be

  • Physical stress – maybe you work too hard.
  • Mental stress – You just cannot switch off.
  • Infective stress – Your body is fighting an illness
  • Immunologic stress – Your immune system has not switched off
  • Carer stress – You look after some loved one without a break
  • Post traumatic stress – your brain has not resolved an issue internally
The first day of the rest of your life

Hormones and fatigue: Your hormones do tend to decline with age. and it may be that you have been told “all your results are perfect”. However your body has a set point for hormones and a decline in the levels ( While still in the normal range ) can cause symptoms. You need to explore

Your symptoms and change of symptoms over time
Your energy levels and LIBIDO (desire for sex).
Your sleep patterns and sleep hygene
Physical symptoms including post-exercise-myalgia

Working through your hormonal profile and symptom profile is an important aspect of improving your wellbeing. Your mind and body have to work together towards resolution of your symptoms.



The emotional cycle


Any disruption to our ability to deal with negative outcomes can contribute to worsening cycle of unresolved stress.

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