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1. No planned cancellations this week

Planned leave

Dr. George

23rd to 27th October 2023 ; 6th November ; 15 – 16th January 2024; 5th February 2024; 12 – 16th February 2024; 11 – 15th March 2024

Contact person – Dr. Aisha Aslam



Welcome to the Diabetes Endocrine posting at Trafford and Altrincham Hospitals.

9 AM – 11 AM  11 AM to 12:30  1 PM to 4 PM

A      Private study

B            Elm Ward

C Respiratory clinic

A, B,  C

10 AM (First week only)


11 AM  Diabetes Lecture 

Diabetes Centre

A  Endocrine clinic

B              Elm Ward

           AMU Ward

ICL / Block 3 – Clinical Debrief

Tuesday A          Stroke unit

B    Ward 3/ INRU

C     Private Study

Block 1 Clinical Debrief

A, B C

12 Noon

Endocrine Lecture 

Diabetes Centre

A Diabetes Pump Clinic

B Ward 3/ INRU

C Haematology Clinic



A       Private study

B    diabetes Clinic

C          AMU Ward

A, B,  C

1:30 PM to 3 PM

Case discussion AMU

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Enhanced Case Disc

Diabetes Centre


A Stroke Unit

B Endocrine Clinic

C Private study

Block 2 and 4 Clinical Debrief

 11 AM Respiratory lecture

(Not Every Week)

Diabetes Centre

Case Discussion




Lecture Notes

You have no permission to view submissions.
You have no permission to view submissions.


Tutor Book in

Dr. Aisha Aslam

Specialist Registrar ST6

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Deputy lead for posting

Lectures ; Bedside teaching; UPSA

Dr. Ali Mah Rukh

Clinical Fellow

Bedside Teaching Clinical skills; Case presentation

Dr. Madeline Garcia


Bedside Teaching; Clinical  skills; case preasentation

Dr. Ajith George

Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology

Lectures , Enhanced presentation, bedside Teaching, UPSA

Teaching program

Formal Teaching

  • Lectures – all have to attend – revision notes are provided
  • Case discussion – With Tutors Wednesday / Thursday PM
  • Enhanced case – 1 per posting with AG
  • UPSA training can be arranged
  • Pharmacy sign off on AMU ( 2 Students per week)


  • Monday 1 PM Endocrine Clinic Diabetes Centre AG
  • Tuesday 2 PM Diabetes Pump/ Technology AG
  • Wednesday 9 AM Diabetes kidney clinic AG
  • Thursday 9 AM Endocrine clinic AG
  • 1 Haematology/ oncology Clinic Dr. Raj


  • Diabetes Foot clinic
  • Respiratory medicine Clinic (including COPD/ Asthma)
  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Haematology/ Haem-oncology Clinic
  • Case work up to include 1 Bonehealth; 1 CVA ; 1 Dementia Case


Book in for clinics



Themed Cases addl notes