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Fancy doing your elective in India?

Christian Medial college ranks as number 2 in the list of medical colleges in India (after AIIMS). CMC was the first hospital do do pioneering medical work in India having done the first open heart surgery, kidney transplant and bone marrow transplant. It has since 1900 been having overseas doctors and medical students and has a rich culture of hospitality, education and compassion.

But you may not go there to gain experience in the frontiers of medicine. You might want an exposure to tropical diseases, malnutrition, and effect of poverty, HIV and a poor society on human beings. CMC has a strong emphasis on community outreach with CHAD ( primary care hospital), RHUSA (rural outreach camps) Jawadi hill program ( Tribal community medical provision). LCEC ( is providing affordable care (low cost efffective care – LCEC).

Costs were correct as of 2019 May

Cost of a 4 week program. The costs have been averaged over a 4 week period

  • Stay  INR 750 per day
  • Food INR 300 per day
  • Travel INR 100 per day
  • MISC INR 250 pr day

Total for 4 weeks  – 1400* 28 = INR 30,000

  • Set up costs INR 10000
  • Visa costs INR 10,000
  • Flights cost INR 60000
  • Taxi fare from airport INR 9000

Total INR 90,000

OPTIONAL Weekend trips to Bangalore, Pondicherry( Puducherri), etc

  • Travel  INR 2000
  • Accommodation INR 2000 per weekend night ( stay in shared accommodation)
  • Food INR 300 per day

Total INR 6000 per weekend trip

Total cost which includes 2 weekend trips INR 135,000 ( This works out to approximately £1,500 in total)

Top tips 

  • Avoid the summer heat and stay indoors mid day .. May temperatures are around 42 degrees. Take plenty of water and EXTRA SALT. you will feel fatigued if you don’t take enough salt.
  • Fruit is more tasty locally sourced, make sure you wash properly
  • Most medications can be bought over the counter
  • Introduce yourself to the dinner ladies at the canteen you will get the biggest piece of meat/ fish!
  • Be patient but persistent when dealing with cashiers and clerks, they may try to push you away because they find it difficult to understand you.
  • It is impolite to walk into a house with your shoes on
  • Don’t pat dogs cats or cows.. Don’t trust any animal with teeth ( includes humans) or horns. Rabies is present in India
  • Water is scarce – be conscious of your water use and electricity use.


Modale Hostel is a specific hostel for overseas students with 20 fully managed en-suite air conditioned rooms ( cleaning provided) , washing machine and other conveniences. Food is available in the college canteen which is 10 meters away.. This hostel tends to be to be in high demand and may be fully occupied. Please book in advance. If this is not available,similar alternative accommodation will easily be double the cost at around 1500 INR per day. The hostel is the medical college campus a green lung with plenty of birds and wild life which is about 5 miles from the hospital and well connected by regular college bus shuttle service. Entry on this is free with the badge you are provided.


College canteen Food is available in the local canteen. In addition to local food, it also caters to continental tastes with omlettes bread, butter and jam and a few other European dishes. It is quite safe to drink fresh orange and watermelon juice. Try out dosa (Chutney is hot), poori (mild)


A taxi will be sent to meet you at airport and drop you off. Driving on indian roads in harrowing and you may want to choose an SUV for safety (Toyota innova or Qualis are  similar to the BMW X3). This will take about 4500 INR to travel about 145 km (90 miles) and will take about 2 hours 30 min if you set off around 4.30 AM but about 4 hours if you leave in peak traffic.

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