Welcome to the Diabetes Department at Trafford. We are a small department dealing with all types of diabetes and provide complete care ranging from patient education to highly specialist Continuous glucose sensors and insulin pumps


I hope to meet you on Monday morning in the room noted in the lecture schedule. Please arrive by 9.30 AM and we will go through induction.

We will go through an induction and a sign off for your induction.

What do you do if Dr. George is on leave on Monday?

I will try my best to get another person to do a lecture. However if this is not possible, there will be two clinics on Monday morning ( Dr. Azmi and Dr. Marchi) both in the diabetes centre. Two groups ( See “groups” tab) can attend the clinics and one group can head to AMU where you can take history or do procedures.

What do you do if a clinic is cancelled?

Please do not panic. please go to the ward and you can do procedures, attend ward rounds or get sign offs

What sign offs can I get?

  • Pharmacy – drug reconciliation/ prescribing
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Urinanalysis
  • Venupuncture
  • Phlebotomy
  • Sub cutaneous injection


If you are driving the following roads have free parking.

Laburnum Road M41 7WN, Nursery Road, Craig Avenue, Brook road ,Trevor road




  • AG     Dr.   Ajith George      Consultant
  • SS     Dr.  Sarah Steven       Consultant
  • SA     Dr. Shazli Azmi           Consultant
  • CA    Dr.  Clare Adamson   Specialist
  • LS     Dr. Lance Sandle        Consultant
  • CM   Dr. Clive Marchi          Specialist


  • DM    Sr. Diane Morrison    
  • NR     Sr. Nuala Rushton     
  • JN           Julie Neilan   


  • HW        Helen Whitaker  
  • RR           Rachael Robinson     


  • KHJ Kerry Hawood Jones 
  • LM Louise Morris 

Centre Managers

  • AS Andrea Snell Diabetes centre manager
  • BW Brenda Williams Diabetes centre Secretary
Theme of the week

Week 1  /6 (Week 1 if 4 weeks)

Diabetes Type 2  – Energy Balance, Evolution of diabetes  through pre-diabetes into diabetes , Treatment strategies

Week 2/6. (Week 1 if 4 weeks)

Diabetes  Type 2 –  Options for treatment, role of carbohydrates and nutrients, aligning goals and setting targets

Week 3 /6  (Week 2 if 4 weeks)

Diabetes Type 1  – Genetic factors, development of ketoacidosis, treatment of diabetes

week 4  (Week 2 if 4 weeks)

Diabetes Type 1  – Optimising treatment to reach targets, Tools, delivery devices, strategies, patient empowerment

Week 5.  (Week 3 if 4 weeks)

Endocrine system – Communicating with chemicals, role in energy balance, how the body deals with rest and stress

week 6 (Week 4 if 4 weeks)

Endocrine system – growth, repair and growing old.. menopause, change in hormones with age Fluid and salt balance.

Trafford Hospital is located in urmston. If you are driving put the post code for one of the nearby roads for parking. PARKING AT TRAFFORD IS FREE FOR 3 HOURS ONLY.

Trafford Hospital

Moorside Road


M41 5SL

The following roads are likely to have free parking but look for road signs and be considerate of residents Laburnum road, Patterdale Road

Trafford Shuttle buses (free) run between sites every 30 minutes. Please avail these buses to get here relaxed and early. These buses leave MRI boulevard ( Bus stop – under the long bridge walkway) at 8.05 to get here by 9 AM. Return buses start in front of clock tower at Trafford

DEPARTURE                  ARRIVAL

Central   07:00          Trafford  07:30
Central   07:30          Trafford   08:10
Central   08:15          Trafford   09:00
Central   09:15          Trafford   09:45
Central   09:45          Trafford   10:15
Central  10:15           Trafford   10:45
Central  10:45           Trafford   11:15
Central  11:15           Trafford   11:45
Central  11:45           Trafford   12:15
Central  12:15           Trafford   12:45
Central  12:45           Trafford   13:15
Central  13:15           Trafford   13:45
Central  13:45           Trafford   14:15
Central  14:15           Trafford   14:45
Central  14:45           Trafford   15:15
Central  15:15           Trafford   15:45
Central  16:05           Trafford   16:35

Central  16:35           Trafford   17:10
Central  17:30           Trafford   18:00
Central  18:15           Trafford   18:45

  • You will be expected to spend a minimum of
    • 2 ward sessions per week
    • 2 Clinics per week
    • 1 lecture session
    • 1 Ward based consultant/ registrar teaching
    • 2 private study sessions

With COVID there has been a big change in the way we do clinics.

Most clinics are virtual clinics

However There will still be an opportunity to see patients in clinics

The clinic schedule has been redesigned so that you will have an opportunity to take a history and  examination

However ward based patients and examination skills are your focus

What is important to me?

  1. Reliability and honesty – I know when you don’t turn up to where you should be, so please let me know if you are going to miss a teaching/ clinic
  2. Critical thinking – being really curious about every aspect of the patient examination and history- question everything analyse everything.
  3. Challenging me – I expect you to question me. Your questions indicate your level of understanding
  4. Good reflections – I hope you will all put down intelligent reflections-
    • What have I learnt?
    • what has surprised me.
    • What have I read?

A Few tips to impress
  1. Digging into the history – patient tells you COPD- Are you convinced?
  2. Reading around cased you see
  3. At least 3 differentials
  4. Sorting the red herrings from the red flags..
Your end of posting assessments
  1. A demonstration of your knowledge – history and examination records
  2. A demonstration of your curiosity – What questions have you asked
  3. A demonstration of your skills – procedures done/observed

You will be assessed based on all the requirements by the university. I look for the above at the time of your assessments.