Welcome to the Diabetes endocrine posting at Trafford.

This page is for medical students from Manchester Medical school


  1. You will need to register to gain access
  2. Please use the voucher code given at Induction when you register


  1. Please book in for clinics to attend at least 2 diabetes and 2 endocrine clinics per posting
  2. During clinic, you will be expected to do some history taking and part examination (eg diabetic foot)


  1.  These take place in the diabetes centre on Tuesday 11 AM onwards
  2. Two one hour lectures per week.

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Events Today

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March 22
  • 22

    Wednesday Diabetes Clinic

    9:00 AM-1:00 PM
    Trafford Diabetes Center
    Moorside Road, Davyhulme, Urmston, Manchester M41 5SL, UK

    You will be expected to take

    a history and present to consultant 

    or do a relevant examination ( eg diabetic foot examination ) 

    while in the clinic

    Sign off Face to Face - diabetes Centre

    3:00 PM-5:00 PM

    No additional detail for this event.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Track 1 A B C A B
Track 2 B C A B C
Track 3 C A B C A
Monday AM Monday PM Tuesday AM Tuesday PM Wednesday AM Wednesday PM Thursday AM Thursday PM
Track 1 AMU ward rounds,          Case presentation 11 AM Endocrine clinic Elm coastal Ward rounds 9 AM Lectures 11 AM Elm coastal case work up Diabetes Ward rounds with diabetes nurses 10 AM diabetes centre Endocrine lecture 1 PM diabetes centre Pump clinic  CD
Track 2 Case work up AMU,          Case presentation 11 AM Case work up AMU AMU ward rounds 9 AM Lectures 11 AM Endocrine clinic Stroke unit ward rounds 9 AM  Endocrine lecture 1 PM diabetes centre – Optional clinic cardiology Stoke unit ward rounds 9 AM lectures 11 AM CD
Track 3 Case work up INRU,          Case presentation 11 AM Case work up INRU Haematology clinic with Dr Raj Private Study Diabetes Clinic Endocrine lecture 1 PM diabetes centre Private study – optional clinic cardiology CD
* Induction at 10 AM on Monday in the diabetes centre
* Please work up and present enhanced case on Monday AM. All students need to attend *
* Lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday all students need to attend *
* Please ensure you have at least 4 diabetes endocrine clinic plus 2 optional clinics for sign off
* You will need at least one enhanced presentation by consultant for sign off  *
* Please register on https://pab2u.com/medstud using voucher code medstud to check for optional clinics/ clinic cancellations
* Please complete the end of posting quiz (30 questions) formative open book multiple attempts for sign off *



When you register, it is important that you use the voucher code.
This will ensure that you have the right access to the correct pages.
Please do not register if you do not have the voucher code.


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