Meeting ID 823 2789 3249          –Password – XXXX

Welcome to year 3 medical students joining 22/02/2021.

I will meet you for your induction at Bevan’s restaurant at Trafford hospital at 10 AM on Monday. Prior to meeting for induction, please go up to security office on the first floor and upgrade your badges to give you access to the wards

What is expected

  1. Clinics. There are 4 clinics per week. Each 4 hour clinic is divided into two ( First half and second half) You are expected to attend 2 slots per week. This will mean 4 hours in clinic per week. You will need to book n for these slots. Book in here ( Will need to login )
      • Monday PM 1 :30 PM to 5 PM
      • Tuesday PM 1:00 PM to 5 PM
      • Wednesday 9 AM – 1PM ( Complex diabetes clinic)
      • Thursday 9 AM – 1 PM (Pump /Nephropathy clinic)
  2. Ward attendance – You are expected to attend a minimum of 8 hours on the wards. You are not slotted into clinics but you will need to ensure that you come in and go on different wards. You Will need a minimum of 3 cases presented per week to either me , Dr. Ahamed ( Registrar ) or doctors on the ward.
  3. Lectures – There will be TWO  40 minute lectures per week . You can choose lectures from the list provided Attendance is required and if you are not available please do email me This is on Zoom and will take place every week.
  4. Ward case discussion – This will be presentation of cases every week.
    • Standard presentation is when you present the history and examination.
    • Enhanced presentation is when we are on the ward and you do a history taking or examination under observation.
  5. Expectation for sign off –
    1. Required number of cases presented – I will have to go through your sent items for signoff
    2. Attendance for lectures
    3. End of posting quiz ( Formative Quiz)
    4. Reading through the lecture notes
  6. I am on leave from 15 – 29 March ( Both days inclusive) lectures and case presentations will still take place. Your sign off on the last week will be on Zoom.