House Hunting

A limited number of houses are let out through Professionals across borders. They may be available for you. All are let fully furnished. If you are a GMC registered doctor, no deposit or references are required. Utility Bills can be included in the rent

Rightmove – This is a website which covers more than 90% of houses available to rent/ buy. It

Zoopla – These are local adverts put by landlords. Beware that these may not be of the same standard as those advertised through estate agents (Agents who let and sell houses)


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a) You are likely to start in Trafford which is located in Urmston. This place is about 15 miles from the airport and 7 miles from city centre. Main advantages of Urmston

  • Quiet residential area-you may get bored!
  • Good schools
  • Families with young children live here
  • low crime rate
  • Nice parks, trafford centre and shops nearby

Look on a property website and put in Post code as M41 5SL. Search for properties within 1 mile to rent

b) You will move to Manchester Royal infirmary (near Rusholme) in 6 months. You can choose to move or stay and commute. There are regular shuttles (free) between the two sites and this takes 30 min.

Public Transport (Buses)

Allow 1 hour for travel. Buses tend to be predictable and arrive on time. They run on average 3 times an hour. Use the link below to put in post code of start and destination to get an idea of Buses.

Journey planner

Manchester Royal Infirmary

This is the large Tertiary care hospital where you are likely to spend most of your time. Not a great place to stay but you might be tempted.

Main features of Rusholme

  • Close to curry mile lots of indian restaurants
  • Younger boistrous crowd uni students
  • higher deprivation and crime rate
  • Poor schools
  • properties more run down but cheaper

Search for M13 9JL and properties within half mile

  1. Check if properties are furnished -Furnishing a property by yourself will cost about £2000 and you will have to take this to your next accommodation
  2. Furnishing will not include sheets and towels
  3. You might want to think about how you will travel at 9 PM when your night shift starts or your long day finishes


  • Transition
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  • 1. Is there any training towards post graduate examinations?

    There is no free training but often consultants will take you around and do presentations and quiz you on your emaination and presentation technique. there are several courses locally and this can cost uyp to £500 per 4 day course. there is a PACES course run at the Trust which has to be paid for.

  • 2. What post do I join?

    Every overseas graduate joins the following scheme

    1st Month - shadow placement - This is supernumerary and allows you to observe, do all your induction, mandatory training and other personal issues (eg starting a bank account, sorting out accommodation) you will not have any night on calls. There will be 4 shadow on calls 2 at Trafford and 2 at MRI

    Month 2 - 4 This iwll be at Juniot clinical fellow level This is equivalent to Non PG registrar and will include on calls and seeing patients and making management plans. There will be a senior registrar for you to consult with

    Month 4 - 24 This will be at senior clinical fellow. This will be based on experience and seniority. You will be in charge of the take and be expected to review and give advice as well as clerk patients . There will be day and night on calls



  • 3. How do I plan my move?

    The move is quite daunting when you consider the number of issues to be sorted. We have put together a checklist to help you. It might be easier if you come alone for the first month and then come with family as arranging accommodation is quite difficult. The trust will usually pay for the first month of your accommodation and single airfare.. If you are coming with family, you could book a second room to help with the initial transition.

  • 4. What about flight tickets?

    You will have to pay for flight tickets and then reclaim this from the trust. ( Please ensure that when you reclaim, there is an "NT" next to it to ensure you have not been taxed on it.

    Some tips.

    • Flights with one break is the best way to travel
    • Try to arrive on a weekday. This will mean that a person may be able to meet you at airport
    • Please let the trust and your accommodation know well in advance.
    • Ensure that you book your accommodation (and pay for it if required if coming with family.)
    • Come dressed comfortably. Be aware that the temperature is 20 degrees cooler than tropical areas. You will need a thick zipped jacket in your had luggage. A suit is not sufficient.


  • 5. What happens at immigration?

    This is usually a straightforward process. You will be asked a few questions.

    • You will need to fill in a disembarkation card.
    • Join the non EU passport queue.
    • When called forward, move forward with a smile and greet the officer. Good morning or good afternoon will be sufficient. "sir" is not used often in this country.
    • Answer the questions honestly asking the officer to repeat the question if you have not heard properly.
    • Your main aim to come to the UK is to study towards your MRCP/ SCE.
    • Remember to keep you phone on silent. Do not take photographs. keep a pen handy
  • 6. Accommodation - what type should I look for?

    House or house share?

    • It depends on the size of your family
    • If you are coming on your own, you may wish to rent a room in a house. you will be allowed the use of the kitchen.
    • If you are coming with family you will need to look for a 2/3 bedroom house or flat.

    Furnished or unfurnished?

    Furnished is better, and easier when you join. Furnishing a house will cost about £1500 and you will need to negotiate this with the landlord/agent. Remember, your bed may not be the best and may have been in a house with pets before. Pets are very common in this country and they may sleep on the bed. Can you buy new matresses and duvets?


    Crime is very low here and in most instances you will feel very safe. Flats generally tend to feel more safe





  • 7. What about application dates ?

    We have a March and September intake and the last date is

    28th February each year

    31 st August Each year

    Applications received after this deadline will be considered the following interview

    Please submit the following

    a) Application form on the website

    b) email full CV and passport photograph to


  • 8. Accommodation- What websites should I look for?

    Generally and are websites which advertise houses. However the timing of your move and pinning down a house will be challenging. And after a long travel to the UK you want to get into a warm comfortable house.

    Negotiate first month accommodation

    It might be easier to hunt houses once you get here. so the first month is best negotiated with the Hospital. At time of interview ensure you get furnished house for 1 -2 months paid by the hospital. Once you get here and have a house to move into, you will find it easier to rent a house as you will have a local address, a bank account and a job contract. You can negotiate hard and bargain.. given that you are going to work for the trust.

    Check with Air Bnb for local accommodation. Check on the map if local buses travel that way


  • 9. Accommodation - What distance is ok?

    It really depends on how you are planning to travel.


    Winters here tend to be very cold and dark. so travelling home after 9.30 PM may be a challenge. You could cycle if you have cycling gear. Road users are generally very considerate.


    Look for houses no more than a mile away. on right move you can look on map view.

    the alternative is to look on and look for bus routes. Then choose a house near a bus stop with a direct bus. These tend to be in

    • Stretford - 25 min bus journey on bus 245 then walk
    • Sale 40 min bus journey then wal
    • Atrincham 55 minutes bus journey then walk

    Hospital post code is M41 5SL Moorside road