Accommodation Available


Pab2u rents out a small number of houses and flats for overseas professionals who find it difficult to secure their first house due to lack of a credit history,

Free MRI – Trafford Shuttle Bus – Trafford Hospital and MRI are connected by free shuttle bus that takes 30 minutes and runs every 30 minutes

Terms of booking

  1. This accommodation is not provided by MFT or its employees and is no way connected to the NHS
  2. This is single accommodation and only one individual is permitted per room.
  3. The house is a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom house/ flat and you will have exclusive access to one bedroom. Other rooms including common room, kitchen and toilet is all shared.
  4. You will keep the common areas clean and tidy. Cleaning facilities are provided. It is your responsibility to keep the toilets and other areas clean. This includes vacuum cleaning the common areas.
  5. If you require cleaning services, this can be provided at £50 extra per week Please make this clear in the booking section
  6. The room is provided under license.
  7. Your personal items are not covered by landlord insurance. You will need to make separate arrangements to insure them privately . This includes damage or loss due to theft, fire or any other cause.
  8. You will not make any duplicate keys or leave the doors open.
  9. Rent is always paid in advance either as cleared funds by bank transfer the day before move in or as cash on the day
  10. You will not  use the room for any action that is illegal, immoral or improper
  11. Noise levels are to be kept low as there are neighbours who may be working night shifts
  12. You will need to give 1 days notice to move out.

By proceeding to booking you accept these terms

  • Location -All houses are walking distance from hospitals
    • Trafford – this is a quiet residential area with lower crime and much more friendly with parks and walking areas. Trafford and MRI are connected by a free shuttle bus that takes about 30 minutes travelling time. Shuttle is free for staff..
    • Rusholme – This is close to MRI hospital and tends to have higher crime rates and schools are not as good. however this is close to the curry mile with easy access to shopping and eating places
  • Tenancies – Normally tenancies bind you into 6- 12 months accommodation with no option to leave early. PAB2u does not insist on this and you can leave early by mutual consent.
  • Deposit – Normally a 1 month rent as deposit is mandatory. PAB2U does not mandate a depost as long as you have a job contract
  • Proof of accommodation. – This is required for bank accounts and other documents. PAB2U can give you a certificate for this purpose

2 bedroom Houses

3 bedroom Houses