Royal college sponsorship

The royal college and other bodies recognised by the GMC can sponsor candidates for registration. The sponsoring body gives the GMC assurance that the candidate is of sufficient academic and clinical standard to work in the UK without the need for membership examination, or the PLAB. This is usually provided after the candidate has progressed some time in their chosen career and there is a long waiting time for candidates to secure a post.

  1. The person needs to have progressed in their chosen field
  2. It attracts a Tier 5 visa, which cannot be extended beyond 2 years.
  3. The post has to be approved by the royal college and the deanery in terms of academic and clinical potential
  4. The deanery has to get a guarantee that the post does not disadvantage its current trainees.
  5. There is considerable paperwork for the employing trust.

It is suitable if you are in a speciality already and need some experience abroad. (e.g. paediatric haematology)

  1. Please visit the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges for a good discourse on the subject
  2. Please check the Home office website for an overview
  3. You will have to show sufficient funds in your accounts 
  4. You will have to pay the NHS Supplement
  5. Please find the application forms here
  6. MTI Guide (from AORMC website)

Can we help?

Yes we can , providing you have progressed sufficiently down the route of your chosen career. This in most instances will mean at least 4 -5 years in a chosen speciality. So if you have finished a 3 year post graduation and worked for a year this will qualify.

This is useful if you want a 2 year post to work towards your membership. The trust is paying for your post and will still expect you to do on calls in general medicine or whichever speciality has released funds towards your post.

Royal College of Physicians (UK)

Royal College of Surgeons (UK)

Royal College of Radiology (UK)