1. Starting a bank account

You might think starting a bank account is easy. You have had several. However it is a very formidable challenge. For starters no bank here knows you. You will need to show the bank that you are the “real deal”. Some banks are easier than others. Dont be disappointed by refusal. Try Barclays and Santander. The following documents help

  1. Letter from Medical staffing confirming employment
  2. A job contract
  3. A document confirming residence ( An assured Shorthold Tenancy) or a utility bill

      2. Getting accommodation

This is an even bigger challenge. You need to do this from abroad and very few people will be willing to accommodate you as you have no credit history. The following are usual

  1. A deposit of £1000
  2. A demand for a guarantor (someone who will pay the rent if you default)
  3. Estate agent fees for searches ( This is now illegal)
  4. Asking for a copy of your passport as well as passport of all other adults and your visa
  5. The first months rent in advance

Please see more details on

    3. Schooling

Fortunately a lot of state schools are very good and the OFSTED rating is a good way of telling if the school is good. Schooling in primary school is gentler and less competitive compared to may countries and allows children to enjoy their childhood and develop other skills. Schooling in the UK is 11 years + 2 years (1 extra year).

  1. 11 plus examination – this is a competitive examination for entry into grammar school. This is in the last year of primary school and is for entry into secondary schools
  2. Grammar schools – This are secondary schools where the best as judged by the 11 plus examination are together.
  3. High schools – non competitive secondary schools for all students
  4. Sixth form – These are schools that provide Year 12 and 13
  5. College – alternative to 6th form and provide a lot more courses for those less academically inclined

   4. Transport

When you join it is unlikely that you will have a car. you are reliant on public transport. In manchester there is plenty of public transport. For buses and trams look at www.gmpte.com