• 3 Bedroom flat first floor flat
  • 1 minute away from Trafford Hospital.
  • Fully furnished
  • Bills included £1100 (full sky package) OR  £850 without bills
  • No deposit required
  • No minimum term. 1 month notice (a six month agreement is signed)
  • ****************SOLD OUT**********
  • 1 minute away from Trafford Hospital.
  • Fully furnished
  • Bills included £25 per day
  • No deposit required
  • No minimum term. 1 month notice (a six month agreement is signed)


  1. It is too expensive.
    1. Remember no deposit and you can move after 3 months if you find a better house.
  2. Too far from MRI
    1. There is a 30 minute free shuttle every half hour from Trafford to MRI and back
  3. Too lonely
    1. You pay for a safe quiet neighborhood. there are a lot of doctors around. Good schools as well

Rightmove – This is a website which covers more than 90% of houses available to rent/ buy. It


www.gumtree.co.uk – These are local adverts put by landlords. Beware that these may not be of the same standard as those advertised through estate agents (Agents who let and sell houses)

You can have privately rented accommodation. Beware of hidden fees. especially if you are from abroad.

Where do I want to live?

This is probably a big question for those planning to move to the UK for a couple of years. You may have your own house or been renting accommodation in your country. In time you would have found out the local shops, bus-routes, traffic and schools Choosing a house can be challenging. Even if the house is only 3 miles away, lack of bus routes will make the most mundane commute challenging.

The various factors that you might want to consider…

You might find that all the questions are relevant but end up taking a house because that is the only one available.

There are a few other challenges that you might face because you are in the UK for the first time. You may not have a bank account, your credit history has not been built up.

Factors that will help you are (You may not require all these)

a) An address where you are currently staying (first month) if the hospital provides accommodation for the first month

b) A guarantor ( A person who will guarantee to pay rent if you stop paying rent)

c) A bank account

d) A job contract


An Example of Flats









An Example of semi Detached house










Assured Tenancy Agreement – This is a legal document which guarantees you the right to stay in the house. This is usually for 6 months extendable monthly after that.All adults need to be named on the tenancy agreement.

Semi detached house – This is two houses built together.They share one wall, and are the most common houses in the UK.

Terraced house These are 3 or more houses built in the same building. So you might have neighbours on either side and share walls with your neighbour on either side.

Estate agent – These are agencies who deal as intermediary between the landlord ( Owner of the house) and the tenant (Person who rents).

Estate Agent fees. The agent may charge you fees to search for your credit history etc. This is usually no more than £100 per adult.

Credit history– This is your most precious asset in the UK. This is a record of your financial dealings. If you have defaulted on a bill, this will be recorded and will work against you when you apply for a loan or to  rent a house.