Speciality training seats

Speciality training seats

These are not deanery seats but posts in General Medicine with a speciality interest. Deanery posts are usually reserved for those with UK citizenship, (but there are exceptions). You can start off build up your CV and then decide if you want to take up a training post ( 5 -7 years) .. Yes the UK TRAINING PROGRAMME is very long but less intense compared to the USA.


SB Posted on5:22 PM - 12/03/2016

I have completed fellowship in family Medicine.I’m presently working as an Assistant Medical Officer.Earlier this year, I planned to apply for residency in USA to get recognized post graduate degree in Family Medicine speciality, but for that I need to have family medicine experience in USA which I don’t have. So the chances of getting a residency position are grim.Today he spoke about you and your organization. I appreciate your work.I am interested to apply for post graduate training (MRCGP) in UK.I kindly request you to guide me.

    ajith86 Posted on11:59 AM - 13/03/2016

    I think you are looking at the same route as Dr. Vinod. You will have to count on 5 years to complete your MRCGP. Initial investment is about Rs. 400,000.you will need to finish PLAB and IELTS. You can apply from abroad, remember, your application from abroad will be considered if there are no local candidates and you attend interview We can help identify hospitals which has empty places where you will be considered for your initial JCF post.
    If you need access to the PLAB preparation questions, please email me to request access and you have to agree to terms and conditions.

    ajith86 Posted on10:40 AM - 24/03/2016

    Dear SB,
    This is similar to the question below. please have a read through. You can email me your CV and I can advise you if you wish to consider the UK as an option for your post graduation. Opportunities in different countries come in cycles, and currently you have a good window to do postgraduate training in the UK.

Vinod Posted on12:18 PM - 12/03/2016

I would like to introduce myself as Dr. Vinod I was considering options like Australia

What are my chances of getting a MRCGP residency position in the UK? I Will be grateful for your reply.

Best Regards

    ajith86 Posted on12:24 PM - 12/03/2016

    Dear Sir
    The situation is like this
    Last year, there were nearly 100 unfilled postgraduate seats in general practice. However you will not be considered unless you attend interview.
    So the best way is to come over on a tier 2 visa at junior clinical fellow post (you have to clear PLAB)..
    As soon as you come you can choose to do MRCP( 2 years ) or apply for GP posts. Your application will be considered if there are no UK or EU candidates. If you are offered a post, then you change your sponsor from the hospital to deanery. They will sponsor you for duration of your training.

      Dr.vinod Posted on1:51 PM - 12/03/2016

      Thank you for the reply sir.
      We IMGs have just one question. Is it worth it. I know that Family Medicine is a well developed speciality in UK. But we also hear that Non EU candidates are ignored. Do GP training post remain vacant like this every year? Any exam needs time and money investment and we have to think very carefully before embarking upon a journey unless we have some hope and support.
      Waiting for your reply,

      Waiting for your reply

        ajith86 Posted on3:16 PM - 12/03/2016

        I think that is a difficult judgement.. On the one hand the training jobs are for local graduates. However, if there are no local graduates, then anyone can get it. You have to be at the right place at the right time.. If you are interviewed for the deanery posts, then if there are vacant posts you will get in.
        Realistic prospects are
        Come over on junior clinical fellow. 18 months on Jcf rotation (you may get your MRCP.) in the meantime apply for posts. When you get a post you change over. In 5 years time from the time you arrive you are a qualified GP.

Raj adoot Posted on9:24 AM - 12/03/2016

Will this count towards my future training?

    ajith86 Posted on9:30 AM - 12/03/2016

    No, Raj, the training will not count towards a deanery training programme. You can build your CV show commitment and you will be guaranteed of a post when you are eligible to apply. If there are posts that don’t get filled by local graduates, you can step into those posts, even if you are not a UK citizen.

S lina Posted on9:24 AM - 12/03/2016

Can I get into deanery posts? Sindhu

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