Tier 2 Visa

Well I suppose you want to go for a tier 2 visa..

In order to obtain a Tier 2 visa, you must qualify to work in the UK BY yourself. This can either be

  1. PLAB route
  2. Membership of Royal college
  3. Eligibility to be on the specialist register or GP register

You will need the English qualification as well. This can be the IELTS examination, OET examination or a certificate from your employer confirming your English Standard. ( You will need this for the MTI route as well)

Expenses are considerably more for this route as the application fees are greater. You will take more time to get the visa.

Can I change from Tier 5 to Tier 2 visa?

Yes you can. You will need to leave the country to apply for the Tier 2 visa. Howeer as long as you have attended an interview secured a post and got a certificate of sponsorship from the Employer, nothing should stop you..

Can I apply for Deanery posts when on Tier 5 ?

Yes you can. If you secure the post, the deanery becomes your employer and they will give you a Certificate of sponsorship. Please do not thingk those who come on tier 2 will immediately be able to apply for deanery posts. The average time to apply is 14 months. and to secure a post is a8 months. So you don’t lose time applying for Tier 5 in the first instance

But Tier 5 does not count towards settlement…

Yes true. However if you get into a deanery post, you will get a 5 year visa and this should be sufficient. The important thing is to get yourself into the best post to be able to secure a Deanery post.