The Clinical Attachment

Some of you may want to come for a short while to observe how medicine is practiced in the UK. You will need to come for a “clinical attachment”

Visa – Visitor visa

Expenses £750 Travel + £600 per month accommodation + £250 Living expenses

Benefit – Observe on the wards, clinics, MDT meetings, Educational sessions You can get your English assessed

Support – Can provide advice regarding accommodation, but no financial support is provided

Time required3 months to plan

This is an unpaid observational post. You are still not registered by the GMC and therefore not allowed to have any direct patient contact.  This helps you to understand what is expected at various levels of seniority and the processes and protocols followed. You have to pay for your accommodation and will be around £500 per month for a furnished room including all bills. The hospital may not have accommodation and you will be expected to find accommodation.

This is a valuable option for the candidate to obtain a taste of UK experience as well as the supervisor being able to assess the candidate. This is for a variable period from 2 – 4 weeks. As these candidates are travelling from abroad, any help with accommodation will be gratefully accepted (Paid).
It helps the candidate if the attachement can be just before PLAB 2 examination. The employer may be able to conduct a face to face interview at the same time.
During the attachment the candidate will be attached to a supervising consultant and will observe procedures, history taking and doctor patient interaction. This is a useful opportunity for the candidate to get a taste of the NHS while not under pressure to complete tasks and will serve as a useful start to post graduate training.English standards can also be assessed during this period

We appreciate that medical staffing will take 4 – 6 weeks to process applications and applications will need to be made in plenty of time.