The Medical Training initiative (MTI Scheme)

The MTI scheme is probably the best way to achieve training in the UK. This is an approved  scheme to provide training to candidates from beyond the shores of the UK. This is cheaper, quicker and more training oriented than other routes.

There is considerable work involved for the trust and as a result, posts are harder to come by.The MTI scheme is a 2 year post paid for by the hospital and will involve majority of the work in general medical or surgical speciality. There will be a proportion of time set apart for targeted training. This is inbuilt into the Job plan that has to be approved by the royal college and the deanery. This is not a deanery training post and will not count towards consultant training.
You don’t need the full MRCP for this route. You can apply if you have completed MRCP part 1 or an equivalent examination (MD/ DnB/ FCPS) in your country of origin.

Please see the RCP london website for full detailsPlease see AORMC relocation guide for a full explanation of settling in..Trusts have to ensure the posts are suitable and need to put in considerable work to ensure the project is succesful. RCP London gives information to Trusts on their website.

Money required by candidate

  •  Application Fees (Royal college)                           £100
  • Fees on posting approval (Royal college)            £700
  • Visa Fees ( Home office)                                        £235 per person per application
  • NHS surcharge                                                         £200 per person per year
  • Living expenses for first month                             £1500