The Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board EXAM (PLAB) is one of the ways i which a professional can prove that he or she is up to the standard expected of a doctor at Foundation level in the UK

The exam in itself is not difficult but can be challenging for a number of different reasons

  1. The way things are taught in different countries are different.
  2. There are Cultural and social differences in how we communicate
  3. There are certain ways things are done in different countries and this may prevent us from performing at our best

Attending a coaching session either face to face or online can be useful. This helps you meet up with like minded people. It will give you hands on experience with technique. There are also teachers who have gone through this examination before. A 12 day course costs approximately £500.

There are 16 stations with actors over phone, video or face to face. Each station is graded on data gathering, Interpersonal skills and management