Buying a house

So you want to buy a house? Well it is exciting. finally a house you can call your own..

Buying a house

Making a will

Making a will is important in the UK and anywhere in the world. If you die without a will, all your money will pass to the state who will then appoint an executor to administer your will. This may cost you dear.. Also the children will be taken up by the state till the court decides who will look after them…

Writing a Will

Buying a car

So you want to buy a car? Coming to a cold county, you start to wonder how you will manage without a car. Car will change your life and give you mobility

Buying a Car

Can I rent my house out?

So you bought a house and now you need to move.. CAn you rent out your house? how easy is it? What are the challenges?

Got  a house to rent out?