MRCP seats

I am sure you will want want to find out more about posts. The main question may be about recognition towards training. All posts will be counted towards your MRCP training. However they are not DEANERY posts .. (Like MD vs DnB). The wider your experience in specialities, the better your chances of getting through MRCP. You will need to build up your knowledge, clinical skills and general training required towards MRCP.
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IMG_0426This is the place to talk about your resources, opportunities experiences etc. Post graduate opportunities will increase over the coming years. This is primarily due to expanding opportunities in healthcare worldwide. Developing economies are consuming a large number of postgraduates with excellent remuneration package and prospects. The NHS has provided training opportunities to those who search for it. The secret is obtaining the right training to fulfil your goals

you have to be at the right place , at the right time , with the right credentials.

With this in mind , it is wise to think about getting a post graduate experience that makes you a truly versatile doctor able to meet challenges in healthcare worldwide.

Academic stuff

cropped-cropped-IMG_1462.jpgKnowledge is expanding exponentially. Gone is the time when a doctor who knew 12 causes of splenomegaly was better than the one who only knew 6 causes. There are two factors that have risen to the forefront

  1. Knowing where to find information.
  2. The ability to put that information into clinical practice.

Knowledge can be found easily on the Internet. However the age old saying “what the mind does not know, the eye will not see”

Application to clinical practice is a more subtle art. It is the ability to apply weight to different clinical factors to arrive at a clinical diagnosis… Eg you would come to different clinal diagnoses in these two scenarios…a) A 2 year old presents with a swollen knee. B) A 90 year old presents with a swollen knee..this is a crude example of applying weight age to the same clinical scenario to arrive at different diagnoses..

  1. Come across a question you are not sure about or any concepts that you want to clarify.. Go on ask
  2. share any thoughts?

Have some fun

IMG_2427This is a post where you post fun stuff…
Jokes, anecdotes etc etc

General Enquiries

IMG_0777This is a page for general posts. Anything from football to cooking…Weather to nuclear physics.. You can also ask about housing, visa issues, finances, lifestyle. Moving to a different country is a big move and you have to consider carefully, the impact this will have.. Is this the right time?, is this the right speciality? How will it impact on my wider family? Is the UK worth considering?………

Want to talk?

IMG_1618I am happy to respond to your question. Please remember that this is a public forum