PLAB examination

PLAB Examination

The PLAB examination is a medical examination designed to assure the General Medical Council (GMC) that the doctor applying for registration is up to the standards expected of a UK doctor. This is set at Internship level (end of F1) and a great deal of preparation is not required if you have breezed through your MBBS examination. 70% of the questions are with a strong medical background, with a scattering of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery , psychiatry and other medical sciences. The level expected from you is the level you acquired during internship (F1 level).

The questions are not trick questions. Chances are that the first answer that comes to your mind is the correct one. Questions are set at least a year in advance. The amount of preparation will vary but going through a number of multiple choice questions and the OXFORD hand book of medicine, surgery and gynaecology will suffice.

Even if you have completed postgraduation, the PLAB is still a useful examination to have as it sets you off to choose or change your post graduate route. You will start at a comfortable level in a new country and gain your postgraduate diploma level (MCRP) before embarking on a speciality of your choice. 

The examination is not an in-depth examination on any subject but designed to reassure the GMC that you have sufficient clinical, academic and practical experience to safely deal with common medical conditions. It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge your limitations and request senior help given that you are expected to perform at the level of end of foundation year 1 ( Internship).

PLAB Part 1

Visit the GMC website for more information and details on the examination.

Part 1 examination is 200 questions in 3 hours

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PLAB Part 2

Please visit GMC website for uptodate information and information about the examination

Part 2 is an OSCE taking 1 hour and 45 minutes