We provide a comprehensive endocrine service under one roof. rapid consultations with endocrinology and surgeon (if required) will get you back on track quickly.

Specialist areas

  • Thyroid (Overactive and underactive thyroid)
  • Parathyroid ( high and low calcium)
  • Thyroid/ Parathyroid growths
  • Bone (osteoporosis)
  • Fatigue (unexplained tiredness)
  • Adrenal (stress hormone studies)
  • Testicular issues ( low testosterone)
  •  Pituitiary ( Prolactin, and other pituiatry hormones)
  • Electrolyte abnormalities (Sodium Potassium and magnesium)


  • Initial visit -1 hour
    • a one hour detailed consultation
    • Required Tests
    • Letter of consultation
    • Full access to website
  • Follow up visits 30 min
    • 30 minute consultation
    • Letter

Costs :

All face to face consultations are chargeable and attract a charge

  • Initial consultation  £200 (Face to Face) 
  • Follow up consultation £130 (Face to face)
  1. Each fee has a validity of 3 months,
  2. During this period, Telephone calls and emails are included
  3. Letters will be provided to you and GP