You will have 3 lectures per week either face to face or via zoom. These will be a combination of diabetes, Endocrine, general Medicine and topics outside medicine. You are of course very welcome to do a session.

Each session will be 45 minutes and will form the basis of the quiz and certificate at the end of the posting

  • Ward based teaching Wednesday 3 PM
    • Case presentation and enhanced presentation – Wednesday PM
    • I will try and get 4 cases for you on Monday to work up and present,
    • Please ask doctors on the wards for cases

Lecture Group 1                                                                              Lecture Group 2

    • Thyroid disease,                                                                        Metabolic syndrome,
    • Adrenal Disease,                                                                       Type 1 diabetes,
    • Pituitary Disease,                                                                     Diabetes Emergencies,
    • Endocrine Emergencies,                                                        Medications used in Diabetes (Including insulin) ,
    • Bone and parathyoid disease                                                Technology and diabetes


Lecture Group 3                                                                            Lecture Group 4

    • Why Do we sleep?                                                                      Clinico pathologic conference
    • The evolution of Homo Sapiens,                                             Pneumonia
    • Cryptocurrency,                                                                          Stroke syndromes
    • Wonders of the universe,                                                          Frailty, falls and Osteoporosis
    • Medical curiosities                                                                     Cardiac Failure

Lecture Group 5

    • Presenting a case
    • History taking
    • Arriving at a diagnosis
    • Making a management plan