Medical Training initiative

This is an alternative way to get doctors at CMT/ ST3  level which is mutually beneficial. It is beneficial for the turst as it is cheaper, more streamlined and gets the best candidate for the post. It is better for the candidate as it reduces the time and effort for the candidate and also assures that the candidate will leave with some valuable UK experience.


Work involved

  1. Separate job description and approved format
  2. Interview on approved format
  3. Send job offer to candidate
  4. Send Certificate of sponsorship to GMC
  5. send letter to AORMC with
    1. Candidate signature
    2. Deanery signature
    3. Funding signature
    4. Supervisor signature
    5. Passport photo
    6. Job Desription
  6. Help with Transition ( accomoodation, arrival dates etc).


  • Doctors from overseas will be at CMT 2 level with
    • MRCP part 1 or
    • Complete Overseas Postgraduate Degree (MD/ FCPS)
  • They will have the same level of English as any other trainee ( IELTS 7.5/9)
  • They do not require any PLAB/ MRCP for GMC registration
  •  They can join you in 3 months to do various medical specialties on ward + on calls
Manchester University Hospital (MFT) is already a GMC approved sponsor..

This page explains the MTI project and the steps  that are required for doctors from overseas to come to the UK to train in a  training program.

a) There must be training element to the post.

b) Candidates must leave the UK after 2 years and must gain experience out of the time spent in the UK (can apply to change to Tier 2 visa afterwards)

c) This is not an immigration visa and hence no Visa Caps (Limits)




A Training program that is set up with teaching sessions will attract students from overseas. Remember that opportunities in other parts of the world have improved considerably over the past 20 years and candidates have a choice. They do make a sacrifice by leaving an established career path to come to a new country to work and a series of rehabilitation posts,  care of the elderly posts or frequent changes in track will be frustrating for the candidate.