When you join

Phew Arrived at last.. where do I start?

Day one

It is best to arrange an induction meeting with your Overseas Tutor/ Educational supervisor or MTI champion. there are so many things to discuss that it may not be possible to cover it in one session.

  1. Medical Staffing – Go to Medical staffing and meet the person who is dealing with your application. This person is likely to have emailed you previously. You will need to do the following in Medical staffing
    • You will need to take in your passport and your BRP ( Residence permit – see below)
    • Get a Job contract ( May take 2 -3 weeks)
    • Get a certificate to confirm joining
    • Ask about getting your ESR number  from payroll (your Payroll number)
  2. Accommodation – I hoe you have sorted out your accommodation. It will be useful to have some proof of your address. The following may be accepted ( A tenancy agreement, Utility bill with your address on it, GMC letter addressed to you at the address.
  3. Occupational Health
  4. Bank account – Barclays has got an agreement with MFT for overseas doctors. however you might be able to start with other banks as well..
  5. Payroll services- email payroll services to ask for you to be registered and be given a payroll number ( ESR number) This is required for your online training
  6. Badge – You can take your Job offer to Security services to get a badge made

Day  Two

  1. Trust Email and login. – You will need to get your trust email address which will allow you access to the hosptial systems.
  2. SEcurity or IT department will be able to help with this
  3. Get your PACS login ( Radiology )
  4. Learn how to use EPR and ICE investigation ordering system

Day Three

  1. Appraisal vs e Portfolio
    1. Appraisal is an annual process where you document your progress over the past year. This is a GMC mandated process to ensure that you follow the principles of Good Medical Practice set out by the GMC. Every 5 years you need to do a Revalidation which consists of 5 years of appraisals and a patient and colleague feedback. This is then signed off by your re validation officer.  In MFT the EQUINITI 360 software is used to support your appraisal.
      1. please ring 0345 180 1405 EQUINITI revalidation Management system – Explain that you are a member of the MFT and give your GMC number and email address . they will email you the details
    2. Eportfolio is separate and is your personal folder to hold all the documents you have to support your career progression.This holds records of your procedures, teaching skills, case discussions and reflections. This is usually held on an eportfolio system.. usually the RCP ePortfolio(MTI) or NHSeportfolios(CMT) or HORUS (foundation)
      1. Look at JRCPTB website and contact them to provide access.  Alternatively you can contact
      2. NHSeportfoliosThis is usually for Trainees on the deanery
    3. Both these are very important. One provides for re validation. The other provides documentary proof that you have required competencies. DO not leave this for later…
  2. Medical Defence and malpractice insurance… When you are working in the NHS the Crown Indemnity will cover you for any mistakes you make. However, remember, the Crown indemnity may not cover you fully. You may want to join a medical defence union so that you will have full cover. Examples of these are
    1. MDU
    2. MPS ( Medical Protection Society)
    3. MDDUS
  3. Mandatory Training for induction.. these are a series of online resources which will help start you off towards working in MFT
    1. Mandatory Training can be accessed on the  e-learning portal  This can be accessed using your ESR number and “learning” as password
      1. Click on “courses”>>>> Mandatory Training>>> Clinical induction pathway -1 ( For clinical fellows)
        • 4 hours
      2. Click on  “courses”>>>> Mandatory Training >>> all 12 sessions there
        • 4 hours
      3. Overseas doctors Induction – Use the search bar and search for “international” . this will give you access to an online induction for overseas doctors
        •  6 hours
  4. Only for those at Trafford Hospital
    1. Overseas doctors – You will be attached to a firm and shadowing during the first month.. During this time, you will need to learn how the pathways and protocols in the NHS works and become competent to do an independent ward round.
    2. Overseas doctors – You will need to do 2 oncalls at Trafford and 2 on calls at MRI – both of these re shadow on calls where you follow the medical registrar- You can help out if you feel confident but under supervision.
    3. Overseas Doctors -ALS course – you will have to book into the next ALS course.
    4. Overseas doctors -IMPACT course – You will have to book into the next IMPACT course
    5. Get a presentation ready for Grand rounds/ Medical student teaching
    6. Grand round – You need to do at least one grand round presentation during your posting. this is taking a case of interest, reading up, making a presentation for thursday lunchtime session.


    1. Appraisal and revalidation 
      1.  Your first meeting serves as your first appraisal.
      2. Your second appraisal will be in the month of your birth (eg if you join 3rd of March 2018, your date of birth is 9th of September your induction will be in March 2018;Your first appraisal will be September 2018
    2. Portfolio
      1. How do I fill my portfolio?
      2. Advice on filling your portfolio  from the AOMRC
  •  Teaching
  • Medical student teaching – You can do a session on medical student teaching schedule on any acute medical topic and you can get enrolled for the teaching prize
    • Topics
      • Pneumonia
      • Deep Veinous Thrombosis
      • Pulmonary embolism
      • Acute Menigitis
      • Gastroenteritis
      • Falls/ Dizziness
      • Mpovement disorders
      • Cerebro vascular accident
      • Acute MI
      • Delerium
  • Audit You will need to do one audit presentation during your posting at Trafford. This can be in a specialty of your choice. You will need to complete your audit during your first year. The audit is a quality improvement tool which helps with improving service you provide for patients. The topics range from
    • Medical Handover audit
    • Audit on use of newer anti diabetic medications
    • Management of hypoglycemia on the ward
    • Management of steroid induced diabetes
    • Use of oxygen on medical wards (BTS audit)
    • Ambulatory care audit – Management of DVT
  •  Research – It is difficult to get a full research during your posting. It is possible to do a poster presentation
    • Research – Look into good clinical practice (GCP ) on the NIHR website. this is an online courese that you can do for research understanding.
    • Poster – This can be a case that you have seen or dealt with and you will need to do some reading and put it together as a poster.
      • Recent posters from Trafford
        • Steroid induced cardiomypopathy
        • Management of steroid induced diabetes – a complete audit cycle
    • Critical paper appraisal This is a skill that you have to pick up during your induction. please look through the following BMJ resource for further details

Overseas Doctors During your first month

You are supernumerary. your are not expected to take on any responsibility although you can if you would like to. You will need to observe, question and understand practice in the UK.

For further details please contact

Ajith George