1. Finding a house : look for a house where you can relax after work. It should be in good bus route areas as you may be late getting back after your oncalls. If possible share with friends. Gaining the trust of your landlord may be difficult. They may ask you to pay rent up front for 6 months with a 12 months contract. Also they may ask for a Guarantor.
  2. Getting a car. You can drive a car for a year after a year after your arrival on an international license. You cannot leave the country and then restart the 12 months. The key is to get a cheap and affordable insurance with your first car. A car is expensive but will dramatically change your life. Passing your driving test may be worse than the membership test. Not only should you drive safely for the test, you have to display to the examiner that you have shown the right skills. ( some people rate this harder than the membership examinations.
  3. Weather and loneliness. In this country you live from weekend to weekend. When you are alone in this country make plans to visit someone every weekend that you are free. The cold is bearable but the short days can sometimes be a killer. The sun has not risen when you go for work and it has set by the time you get out of hospital. But remember that long days will come.