Preparation needs to start at least 6 months prior to your arrival

  • Logbook. This is key depending on your speciality. Ensure that you get this signed by your consultant putting in as much detail of procedures but maintaining patient confidentiality
  • CREST Form. Needs to be signed if you are going to enter a core medical or surgical straining. This confirms that you have completed the required competencies for entering core training. This certifies that you have completed 2 years after your medical school. So remember in those countries where internship is only one year, you will need an additional year of training
    • Oriel Website : This is useful for those who have completed internship/ house – surgeoncy PLUS one year overseas
  • Registration with your medical council. Ensure that your work is done only when your certificate states that you are trained. If you join before the date of your registration, there may be questions from the GMC
  • DBS checks – This is an enhanced form which takes about 5 days and you cannot join without this certificate. Some employers allow you to apply for this from overseas.
  • Police verification certificate – this is to be done in the city where your permanent address is. The police have to verify that you have good standing in the country without any criminal convictions