What are the good places to eat out?

After a week of work you probably want to go out and have a meal in the restaurant. There is a wide variety of restaurants in Manchester and some are just fancy with little extra for the price you pay. I have always considered myself thrify and never order without looking at the price.

This is a very individual opinion and you may or may not agree with my choices.

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  1. Trafford Centre

2. Rusholme ( Curry Mile)

3, Indian Tiffin Room

This is an affordable Indian restaurant located right in the middle of the city. Get off the Tram at Deansgate and ask for directions to First street. The variety of food and presentation is impressive. They have captured the true taste of north Indian Punjabi Dhaba. You can also get a variety of Dosas. ( Rice pancakes). A family of four can eat for £36 – £40. Please Book Ahead.

4. Aamchi Mumbai.

This is a truly Indian restaurant which has captured the true taste of India. You can get the traditional dishes like Palak Panner, and the bolder Indian Fusion dishes. Well worth a visit (slightly more pricey)


Tips – It is usual to tip 10% of the bill amount. This can be done when you pay by card or as cash. ( Cash is preferred). If you have received poor service. Don’t tip. Tip is not expected at Takeaways and fast food. (Mcdonalds).

Tap Water – Be Bold – Ask for tap water. Tap water is perfectly safe in the UK and I don’t usually spend £2.50 for a diet coke.

Please pack the rest.  This is a perfectly acceptable request although some restaurants may charge for this privilege. I am of the strong opinion that you should not waste food.