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Financial Aspects

Balancing the books can be a challenge especially when you start off as the pound is so strong. INR 100,000 equates to £1000 and it is often challenging to convert sufficient money to start off. You can often manage with £500 – £1000 per month if you live on your own, but with family, there will be more expenses


Living alone. You can get a single room for £400 per month with all bills paid. This will be a double room with furniture and shared living room toilet and kitchen. 

Living with family. You will need to rent a house or flat which will cost £1000 to £1500 which includes  all bills. You may have to furnish the accommodation (get your beds and chairs) but furnished accommodation is also available. That will include gas, electricity, council tax

Day to day living expenses

Living alone. The day to day expenses can usually be met for £100 – £150 per month depending on your tastes. If you order takeaway (fast food) daily, then expenses will be considerably higher.

Living with family The expenses for your partner, and children (if any) can be in the region £400 -£500 per month). This includes clothes, eating out, groceries etc.


For most UK citizens, they go on 2 -3 holidays per year. This could include travelling in the UK , or abroad. One challenge you will face if you plan to go into europe is an application for visa which is an additional cost and drain of your time. You may wish to go on two holidays to your country of origin per year. The usual airfare costs are £500 per adult during off peak time (school term time) and £600 – £700 during school holidays. So a family of 4 travelling during school holidays can set you back £2500. 


These do not involve initial costs before you arrive which can be seen here



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