Cookies are small bits of data that pab2u downloads on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website.

A cookie is a small text file that’s stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. We use them to remember which boxes have been ticked. We do not market this, or use any third party advertising. You can be completely reassured that we will never give/divulge any data to a third party.

First party cookies is used

These are set by the website you’re visiting. And only that website can read them.

Third party cookies – we do not use

These are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting.

Advertising cookies  – We do not use

Some websites use advertising networks to show you specially targeted adverts when you visit. These networks may also be able to track your browsing across different sites. We do not use these cookies..


Why do we need it?

  • Once you enter some data (eg the checklists) the computer will remember this so that you dont have to enter this again and again
  • Keep you logged in if you move to a different website accidentally
  • To let us know how the website is being used to improve your experience
  • Help us personalise pab2u for you
  • To find out if our contact with you has reached you and you have seen it
  • We do not have any advertising or third party cookies

If your computer (browser) blocks third-party cookies, some features wont work properly you could experience difficulties with your pab2u account.

Types of cookies

a) Session cookies ( lasts only as long as you are on website- will disappear when you close browser) – Please close browser after you log out)

b) Persistent cookies (These cookies remain on your device even after your browser has been closed. These are time defined and will be finite. persistent cookies are used when you when we need to repeat the same preferences when you visit again.

c) Strictly necessary cookies (These cookies allow access to different parts of the website. These are necessary to provide the services you ask for.

Some examples of how we use these cookies are:

  • When you register and sign in
  • Maintaining certain security settings (eg different levels of security)
  • Gathering information on our most popular pages and mode of use and times spent on each site to improve our website.

Privacy policy

Information we may ask you about

We might ask for your name and contact details, your date of birth We never ask for financial details,

When you enter any personal information we will let you know how long it is kept for

  • The data is kept only for as long as it is absolutely required and we have a valid reason to keep it. In most instances it is 6 years and data will be deleted afterwards.
  • Only essential data is retained
  • You have the right to ask us to delete the data we hold on you at any time without giving us a reason for the request
  • We will never share this information without your consent. this applies to any information we hold
  • We will only use the information we hold
    • according any request you make
    • AND only in line with the law
  • We do not advertise or market any external product and hence your data will not be passed on for this purpose
  • We may send you emails about things that might interest you, or ask your opinion. You can opt out of this if you dont want it