About us

This enterprise is a not for profit enterprise set up in 2015 in response to a growing need. A large number of posts which can afford valuable experience to a postgraduate doctor in training is going vacant covered by agency staff. This increases cost and reduces the quality of care.

The National Health service has over the years provided world class postgraduate training experience to doctors from abroad. This enabled postgraduate doctors to develop clinical and academic skills to a very high standard and often these doctors carried these skills back to their country of origin. The core NHS values, compassionate care and translation of research into clinical practice, makes the NHS a global brand

However, candidates hoping to do training have to go through several steps to gain registration. This process requires guidance and support and mentorship which we hope to provide. This is aimed at candidates who want to gain a couple of years of postgraduate experience and post graduate examinations. The skills , experience and values acquired are valued all over the world.


Dr. Ajith George MBBS, MD, FRCP

About me

I am a consultant in Diabetes and endocrinology working at a large NHS Trust. I completed my MBBS at the Christian Medical College Vellore in India in 1991 ( Batch of 1986) and then my MD in 1997. I came over to do the MRCP and got interested in my chosen speciality. After 2 years of research into  diabetic nephropathy and candidate genes for insulin resistance, I secured a national Training number in 2003 and joined as a consultant in 2007.

My current areas of interest are Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, diabetic nephropathy. I am also interested in management , but my passion is education.

Our UK Panel

Dr. D J MBBS, MRCPCH, MRCGP  works as a Senior Partner in General Practice and is working currently  in an inner city practice in Birmingham. After basic medical training in India, she completed her MRCGP and MRCPCH.

Dr. D M MBBS, MD FRCOG works as a senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in an affiliated teaching hospital near Nottingham. She completed postgraduate training in India and joined as a consultant after completion of her postgraduate specialist training in gynaecologic malignancy.

Our Partner Agency

We have entered into an agreement with a company in India for local advertising and management. Interviews (Skype or face to face) will be organised by these agencies. 

Perangattu Agencies

Perangattu House



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