Welcome to the Manchester Thyroid Group..

  1. Making the most of your consultation.

We aim to meet you at your convenience giving you sufficient time to encourage you to have an effective consultation. A few points may help you prepare for this

  • Preparing information and questions
    • We don’t mind at all if you bring information you have come across on the internet to clarify any issues you might have. Articles on the internet tend to usually be a non professional opinion and it may relate to one person’s poor experience. However, there may be lessons to be learnt. Please note down questions you want to ask
  • Arriving with plenty of time.
    • If you are rushed, your brain is in stressed mode and may not remember all the issues you might have thought about.



  • Bring a friend or partner
    • Two heads are always better than one and it will help if there is another person in the room to remember all that has been said
  • A letter will follow
    • The consultation will result in a detailed letter being sent to you and your GP. Please let us know if you would like us not to send letters to you or your GP. We respect your confidentiality requirements.
  • A letter from your GP
    • A letter from your GP ( Usual Doctor ) will help with previous roads that have been traversed avoiding unnecessary investigations.