The consultation and what happens next


Blood tests :

  • I organize two types of blood tests static tests (eg 9 AM fasting bloods) and Dynamic tests (eg water deprivation test/ Short synacthen test.
  • Static tests
    • please ask me if you require bloods with any special instructions. ( eg Fasting , 9 AM, 4 PM, after meal )
    • As hormones fluctuate, timing of tests and food can make a difference
    • Ring spire outpatients on 0161 447 6607 to book a convenient day. Alternatively email
    • Please arrive with 30 minutes to spare as stress can affect blood test results
  • Dynamic tests
    • These are designed to check how hormones change in response to stress, over the course of the day aor in response to s stimulus
    • Please request information from me if there is anything you do not understand
      • Short synacthen test
      • Water deprivation test
      • Prolonged oral glucose tolerance test
      • Thyroxine absorption test
      • Insulin tolerance test
      • Cortisol day curve
      • Low / high dose Dexamethasone suppression test

Following up your tests

  • Test results may take some time to come back particularly if they are complex or antibody tests
  • Regular tests 48 hours
  • Antibody tests 1 – 3 weeks
  • MRI/ CT scan results within 3 days of the test being performed ( There is usually a 4 – 7 day delay for the test to be done.)

Booking your next appointment

  • This is best done at your convenience. Please ring 0161 4776600 to arrange
  • I do face to face consultations on Thursdays afternoons and Zoom consultations on Saturday