Wanting to do an elective in the UK?

Trafford provides elective posting for bonafide medical students abroad to spend 4  weeks in a hospital in the UK. During this period, you will be ale to observe what happens on the ward, take histories obbserved examination. However procedures are not permitted.

You can do a project and make a poster for your CV

You will also be provided with a certificate of completion of your elective.


1 Initial contact with consultant Please send an uptodate CV with full contact details drgeorge@pab2u.com

2. Consultant contacts medical school for application pack

3. Consultant fills part 1 of the application pack and sends to student to fill in part 2 /3 along with

  • Confirmation of student status from their Academic or Hospital Dean.
  • Proof of insurance cover for the period of their intended elective placement (Travel insurance)
  • Proof that the student has been Sero-converted for Hep B & immunised for TB & Rubella

4. Send back to consultant who will then forward it to medical school

5. If complete forwarded to Employee health and wellbeing department

6. Once approved, confirmation sent to student with letter in support of visa..( Please note that Visa may not be granted, in which case elective is not possible)

7. confirm dates and arrival

8. Induction and badge on first day