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If your dreams don’t scare you, your dreams are not big enough

Apple and Steve Jobs

This commercial was made in 1997 when APPLE was about to go bankrupt. Apple company was 3 months from insolvency. It required an inspirational leader, a vision, the determination and to prove that Steve Jobs could see shat the world at that time could not… Out of that determination came the iphone and all the apple products.. Failure was not an option.
 What happened subsequently is history. In 2015, Apple became the most valuable company in history with the largest cash reserves.
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Think different

Be inspired by people who think different, who are able to see the big picture and create luck for themselves. Coincidences happpen to people who prepare themselves for it.
It is always easy to follow well trodden footpaths but to forge a new path is inspirational. Do not focus on what you can see. Choose to see what you can dream.
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