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The Interview

The interview

 We recommend a two phase interview process
a) initial skype interview done by a consultant or clinical lead lasting about 15 minutes. This helps the candidate to ask any questions about the trust and the training post on offer. This can be done once the candidate has completed the PLAB1 or IELTS examination. There is a difference in time zone and often interviews can be conducted to time with evening or early afternoon.
Please respect confidentiality and follow local policy regarding interviews. Skype may not be allowed through firewalls in some trust and hence only a skype telephone can be held.

b) Face to face interview. This is an important part of employement process and the employing oragnisation must be satisfied with the quality of the candidate. The candidate will have to go through the IELTS examination, (English test) and GMC licensing examination. This can either be held in the UK (when candidate comes for PLAB 2 examintion in Manchester) or in India (an interview panel can fly to India / UAE for a week to hold the interviews ) The usual cost will work out to £2000 per person with £2000 for venue expenses. We recommend a 4 station structured interview with portfolio station, clinical scenario, professionalism and ethics and aspirations and commitment Stations.
There are other options

1. Bronze option – This is a skype interview, organised at a venue with SKYPE access. The interview panel will spend the day in a venue which we organise with skype interviews. The interviews can be done in a round table manner, with the same candidate spending about an hour with different stations and wash up questions.

2. Silver option – This is the same interview organised at a venue in India by our partner organisations. The trust representative will join by skype to ensure the process is conducted fairly. the questions will be set by the trust and will be administered by the interviewer. This interviewer will be a member of our advisory panel. The session will be a 4 station interview and will be recorded and a copy provided to the trust to ensure fairness, equality and quality of interview

3. Gold Option. – This will involve travel to India preferrably to two locations to conduct interviews. All travel and stay will be organised by us. as well as liaising with candidates to arrive for interview. you will be able to choose from a wider range of candidates who can fit into various levels. This is particularly the case if you want to appoint a consultant.

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