Professionals Across Borders

Specialties Page

This page sets out more details about the different specialties and the opportunities available. There are teaching opportunities in each specialties and this will be set out in the TEACHING PAGE.

Induction program

We recognize that may of you may be from overseas with little or no UK experience. We have an induction program for you which will help you settle in. This may include the following

a) A one month settling in period with shadow on calls

b) Local induction with time for induction program built into your working week

c) Single accommodation for the first month

d) A very experienced “Settling in team” to help you with travelling advice, meeting you at the airport

**** All the above is not guaranteed and is subject to change and availability*******

Please mention your needs at time of interview..

Leaning opportunities

Learning opportunities will be available for your and you will need to proactively search for and get them. You will be provided time for these events and you will have to make best use of them. You may gain additional techniques (eg Echocardiogram) during your posting if you show interest and are keen.

  1. All Learning Events can be booked in advance
  2. You do not need to be posted in the specialty to attend
  3. Please introduce yourself as a matter of courtesy
  4. Please do a reflection for your portfolio.

Vacancies may not exist in all specialties at the same time.. The banner on the front page will highlight current vacancies

Choosing a specialty

Choosing a rewarding career in the practice of medicine is a challenging decision. It is a very personal decision and every specialty can be rewarding and frustrating at different times.

The various factors that you might want to consider...

You might find that you are quite a way down a career path and have invested time and effort into this and do not want to change track. However, if you strongly feel that you are in the wrong specialty, don't be afraid to challenge this and discuss with your mentor or educational supervisor.

It is better to do this in your training years than to become a consultant in a very unsatisfying career. There are also many specialties off the beaten track that a supervisor can advise you (eg palliative care)

There is a RCP section on career guidance which is informative.

Finally a rewarding career is more than just a specialty. you might enjoy teaching, research, education all of which can be very rewarding wherever you are.