Racism and Discrimination

What are your worries?

1.Racial Abuse?

Britain , in my personal opinion is one of the most tolerant countries on the planet. All developed countries require trained professionals to live and work to maintain a system that has developed over decades. As a doctor or nurse, you will be accepted into society. Sometimes it is our own reluctance to mingle and integrate that causes more problems. The English language is very polished and has many sutle ways of communicating. This may be in sharp contrast to the blunt approach we might be used to. You do not get abused or challenged although in remote villages, you might have people looking at you because it is an unusual sight. You will be respected and your contribution to the british society is valued

2. Not given jobs.

I think you will agree that every country protects its jobs for its own citizens. India or Pakistn is no different. so as a foreign passport holder you will only be able to take up posts that the local graduates cannot fill. This is essentially an immigration policy rather than the deliberate effort of a consultant or NHS trust

3. Treated differently?

Often in the first few years your practice will be different from local graduates. A person from a third world country has often more knowledge and experience, but we are not always good at putting our knowledge into practice and communicating effectively our reasons for doing things a certain way. We may be from a culture where an authoritarian approach is perfectly acceptable. However in Britain, you have to justify your actions however senior you are. This is not a way of ignoring you or not respecting you but an integral part of practice of medicine.