Essentially British


1. Queues

Queues are essentially a part of british life. You will find it on the roads , in shops and everywhere. It displays mutual respect by not cutting in front of another person in the queue. You can make yourself instantly unpopular and earn displeasure if you jump a queue. Cutting lanes in traffic is also queue jumping and may earn you a honk of the horn.

2. Honk to show displeasure. 

In most countries, you honk the horn to warn other people of your existence, and to wan them that you are in a hurry, so you better not get in your way. However , in the UK, you honk to show displeasure. You must use the horn to warn others of impending danger or alarm.

3. Flash your light to let someone pass.

In some countries, flashing your light indicates that you are coming through. In the UK it is politely requesting the other person to come through. This has lead to some insurance scams “Flash for cash ” schemes

4. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is expected and it is not right for a doctor to discuss a patient in front of anyone else unless the second person is actively involved in care of the patient. So discussing the sexual adventures of a patient at a party is certainly not on.