I am in a medical or allied specialty

You are the ideal person we are looking for. This gives you a perfect opportunity to apply. At interview you will be asked about your goals and a realistic picture of what you can be expected will be presented. Remember that your posting will be in medicine and there will be some specialty experience. The UK training prides itself on every doctor being a physician with a specialist interest. This is extremely important as even consultants do general medical on calls even if they are a specialist. A good grasp of medicine helps to provide holistic care.

You will now have to consider if this is the right option for you. If you are convinced that it is , you need to set out a plan to prepare, do your examinations and attend the interview

The steps are

a) Gather information, and choose your speciality.

b) Continue to work and prepare for your registration examinations ( PLAB or MRCP/ and IELTS.)

c) You will need some money for all expenses and this will be approximately £5000 if single and £8000 if as a family.

d) Do your examinations and consider that there is a waiting list for the exams

e) Attend the interview and set realistic expectations

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