Deanery Trainees

Deanery trainees are usually local graduates who have applied for deanery training posts and been successful. This can include Core Medical Training (equivalent to MD or MS) , GP training, ACCS etc. At specialist level this would be ST 3 + level and involves a 5 year training your speciality ( equivalent to a prolonged DM/ McH ). Remember that specialist training is based in general medicine or general surgery as all specialist training is based on solid general medical/ surgical foundation.

Can an IMG apply for these posts?

Visa Status – Indefinite stay or citizen

An International medical graduate can get these posts based on his or her visa status. If you have right of indefinite stay or are a citizen of the UK, you can apply for and be treated exactly as a local graduate. You will get in based on your CV and interview performance.

Visa Status – Tier 2/ Tier 5 visa

On a Tier 2/ Tier 5 visa, you are subject to immigration rules. So you can only get in if no UK or EU citizen has filled the post. This means that you can interview but will be on round 2. This is a bit disheartening, however, with persistence, and improving your CV, showing commitment, you will get into a post if that is your intention. You cannot change a Tier 5 visa and will need to leave the country and apply again for the post. A Tier 2 visa is employer dependant. so you will have to change employer and pay for a new visa, and the deanery becomes your employer.

This is only general guidance and I would refer you to the home office website for definitive advice.

Home office website  – Tier 2

Home office website – Tier 5